On this episode meet guest Monique Sadarangani, a Trusts and Estates Attorney, yogi, and mother.

When Monique was 5 years old her mother passed away and she experienced firsthand the difficulty of the probate process when someone passes and the need for having a solid estate plan in place. She understood grief and was looking for a way to help others navigate the process when a loved one dies.

Because of her mother’s passing and growing up without solid support, she ended up in a series of broken relationships. The last one almost killed her in 2018, as she was with Crohn’s disease and her weight dropped to 80 pounds and her organs started shutting down. She didn’t want to leave her son alone in the world without a mother, as had happened to her.

Listen as she shares her journey of healing past trauma, and the deep spiritual work she practices to heal and turn her life around.

Taken from: https://kimconant.com/room-for-reinvention-podcast/2023/4/12/episode-9-a-path-to-healing-overcoming-past-trauma-and-chronic-illness-to-manifesting-a-thriving-professional-and-personal-life

You can watch the video here: